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15 Rhetoric Nation – Going Pink

Tuesday, October 12, 2010
By Jim

This week on Rhetoric Nation we talk Costa Rica Vacations, downturns that are no more, those crazy Koreans, Airline robbery, honey bees, pink breasts and so much more.  Thanks as always for listening.  Please leave a comment here on the site and or in the iTunes store.  Join us each week live 6pm Mountain @

show links: costa ricarecession link one, recession link two, north korean video, airline fee list, airline fees, honey bee, pink is the color of boobs, rick sanchez, parker/spitzer, the facebook movie, sexting/texting numbers

14 Rhetoric Nation – Beer and Sarah

Monday, September 20, 2010
By Jim

Rhetoric Nation with your host Jim Kirks is talking all things politics, movies, news, games and much more.  Make sure to join him live every Sunday night @6 pm Mountain.

show links:  tea party, palin, double dipping, romney, consumer protection, corn sugar, light bulbs,  bombs!, up skirt, stewart and cobert, borat to play mercury,  godaddy, trek phone, wally world phoneFPS helpsLotro, the granata

(note: I might have been drinking during the making of this episode)

13 Rhetoric Nation – Double Dip

Monday, September 13, 2010
By Jim

Rhetoric Nation has returned with your good looking, fun time loving host Jim Kirks.  This week we caught up on news from the summer, movies, tech, gaming and the many wonders of the female form.  Here are the show links as promised.   Remember to join us live on Sunday nights @ 6PM Mountain (thats 5PM in the west and 8PM in the East).

show links:  boob bracelets, book burner, pipes coming right for us, little blue different, twitter death, texting effects your mom, volvo city saftey, CA sellout, grow that tooth, facebook burnout, king has left the building,  free to play orc