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Welcome Fans and Mom.

Friday, March 12, 2010
By Jim

** Below is a post I wrote last year when I was all set to start this new show and then got side tracked playing Monopoly.  I have since broadened the scope of the show to include pretty much everything and anything I feel like chatting about. **

Hello folks it is your old friend Jim Kirks.  Some of you know that I have a profound love/hate relationship with politics.  Which is to say that most of the time I am sitting in front of the television yelling at the talking heads. Not very constructive.  A few weeks ago I was talking with a friend about the state of the health care debate and she said, “I wish you could give me a weekly update on the state of the nation”. I asked her if she had been listening the last 30 minutes because that is what I had just given her.  I think she was looking for something she could fast forward through during the boring parts.

This conversation and others got me thinking again about doing something political in the form of a podcast. Over the last three years I have been working on The Clip Show and other projects  and have always wanted to do something more political/talky but I just never found the time. With the Clip Show on semi-permanent hiatus and my job prospects light the time I think is now.

Rhetoric Nation to start will be a weekly podcast on Sunday nights. You will be able to video/call in and chat with me about the state of the nation and the world.  This podcast is for me. I have always wanted to do it and be able to chat with people who share my opinion but also hash it out with the lost and delusional.

Join me this Sunday or just subscribe to the feed to listen and fast forward at leisure.


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