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01 Rhetoric Nation – Introductions

Monday, March 15, 2010
By Jim

Episode one is on the web for all to hear.  I finally accomplished my goal of producing an audio podcast done for me by me.   I guess I can die?

On this weeks show we have a very long intro with the who/what/where of this podcast.  We talk health care at length and take a short look at the US 2010 Census.   Movies, TV and of all things Books find time to entertain us at the mid point and we finish with the evil that is video games.

Take time to click through the various links at the bottom of the page for follow up to what was discussed this week.

Thanks for listening and please comment.   I want to know what you like/dislike about this new venture of mine.

Check back at the end of the week for show topics for this coming Sunday night show and make sure to join us live 8pm Pacific time @

show links: single payer health, public support, census wiki, census 2010, fox redeye, girl with the dragon tattoo, the lovely bones, game death, everyquest suicide

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  • chuckwise

    Just as I was missing your voice I got 48 minutes of it. Loved the use of Steven Wright not to mention all the other transitions. Laughed out loud over your mock conversation about the guy who didn't talk about boobies. Good shit.