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10 Rhetoric Nation – Processed Movies

By Jim

This week on Rhetoric Nation we talk movies with world famous movie guy Charlie Baker.  Fear not loyal listeners!  We also touch on topics ranging from 3D Porn, rotten meat,  shitty US fuel standers and end with a fumbling war rant.   Special thanks to everyone in the chat channel, you make the live show... »

06 Rhetoric Nation – 3D Dude

By Jim

This week as every week we talked politics/entertainment/tech with host Jim Kirks and special guest Charlie Baker.  Check out the show links below and leave me a comment I will love you long time.  Remember to join me live every Sunday night at 8pm Pacific for the live version of the show @ »

04 Rhetoric Nation – A Chat with Chuck

By Jim

This week we have a special edition from Easter Sunday.  We have the rare chance to talk with none other than the world famous writer/director/creative genius Charlie Baker.  Movies, TV and some iPad chat as well.  Thanks for listing.  Remember you can leave us a comment here on the main site or over on the  iTunes.  Please... »