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15 Rhetoric Nation – Going Pink

By Jim

This week on Rhetoric Nation we talk Costa Rica Vacations, downturns that are no more, those crazy Koreans, Airline robbery, honey bees, pink breasts and so much more.  Thanks as always for listening.  Please leave a comment here on the site and or in the iTunes store.  Join us each week live 6pm Mountain @... »

13 Rhetoric Nation – Double Dip

By Jim

Rhetoric Nation has returned with your good looking, fun time loving host Jim Kirks.  This week we caught up on news from the summer, movies, tech, gaming and the many wonders of the female form.  Here are the show links as promised.   Remember to join us live on Sunday nights @ 6PM Mountain (thats... »

12 Rhetoric Nation – LSDQuil

By Jim

Rain, sleet, snow or head cold the show must go on.  This week Rhetoric Nation is short, rambling (more the usual) and still sick.  Your coughing host Jim Kirks still manages to talk World Cup, jet planes, AM radio and the dreaded common cold.  Make sure to join us live each Sunday night at 8PM... »