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11 Rhetoric Nation – O’Canada

By Jim

This weeks Rhetoric Nation is late to the web due to my illness.  I have been lucky enough to be blessed with a flu type sickness that had me stuck in bed most of the week.  The show edit and post became a very low priority.  Thanks to those of you that email and... »

07 Rhetoric Nation – Brown American

By Jim

This week on Rhetoric Nation we start with Haircuts and end with brown people in American.  Listen and for the love of god leave a comment here and on iTunes.  I will send you a bunny if you comment.  Remember to join me live on Sunday nights @ 8pm Pacific – show links:... »

06 Rhetoric Nation – 3D Dude

By Jim

This week as every week we talked politics/entertainment/tech with host Jim Kirks and special guest Charlie Baker.  Check out the show links below and leave me a comment I will love you long time.  Remember to join me live every Sunday night at 8pm Pacific for the live version of the show @ »