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15 Rhetoric Nation – Going Pink

By Jim

This week on Rhetoric Nation we talk Costa Rica Vacations, downturns that are no more, those crazy Koreans, Airline robbery, honey bees, pink breasts and so much more.  Thanks as always for listening.  Please leave a comment here on the site and or in the iTunes store.  Join us each week live 6pm Mountain @... »

07 Rhetoric Nation – Brown American

By Jim

This week on Rhetoric Nation we start with Haircuts and end with brown people in American.  Listen and for the love of god leave a comment here and on iTunes.  I will send you a bunny if you comment.  Remember to join me live on Sunday nights @ 8pm Pacific – show links:... »

01 Rhetoric Nation – Introductions

By Jim

Episode one is on the web for all to hear.  I finally accomplished my goal of producing an audio podcast done for me by me.   I guess I can die? On this weeks show we have a very long intro with the who/what/where of this podcast.  We talk health care at length and... »

Welcome Fans and Mom.

By Jim

** Below is a post I wrote last year when I was all set to start this new show and then got side tracked playing Monopoly.  I have since broadened the scope of the show to include pretty much everything and anything I feel like chatting about. ** Hello folks it is your old... »